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Yuba Mundo

Available now!
Disk brake version $1750
Rim Brake $1650

The Mundo Cargo Bicycle is an affordable and ecological way to meet your local mobility needs:• green and healthy mobility to the grocery store
• kids transport to school, sport practice, stores
• pedal-powered fitness hauling sporting or music equipment
• clean delivery vehicle for bike entrepreneurs

Running Errands, Getting Groceries: The Mundo Cargo Utility Bicycle rides like a regular bike and gives you the capacity to haul at least 6 large bags of groceries. You can then save money, conserve resources, stay healthy, change your mobility, transform your world (this is what it’s about right?)

Replacing the mini-van: The unique steel chassis makes the Mundo the bike for taking your kid(s)* to places: kindergarten, school, soccer. It’s time to replace the mini-van, conveniently take your little one(s), groceries, gear or any cargo to the places you love.

• Cargo Bicycle size: One size fits all (1.50 to 2m or 5 to 6.5?)
• Cargo Bicycle Strength Wheels: 26 in, 48 spokes, 14mm axle
• Cargo Bike length: 210 cm (6.9ft)
• Cargo Bike capacity: volume 1.05 m3 (33.3cft) | weight 200 kilos (440lbs) + rider
• Carrier size: length 80cm(2ft 7?) width 18.1cm(7.1?) Sideloader: 16.5cm(6.5?) per side

The Mundo Cargo Bicycle 21-speed with SRAM drivetrain, offers the most advantages for all terrain and all type of cargo hauling. It includes fenders, bell, hardware.

Tangerine Orange, Pacific Blue, Matte Black

• Seat-Tube Length: 420mm
• Top-Tube Length: 580mm
• Front Center: 642mm
• Seat Tube Angle: 71º
• Head Tube Angle: 71º
• Wheelbase: 1509mm
• Head Tube Length: 175mm

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